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Post Production


Flix's grading suite at The White Tower sees Da Vinci resolve running on the latest hardware, connected to both ISIS and local storage for Avid workflows up to 4K. It also offers FCP and Adobe cloud integration, offering support to all Camera formats. Productions in the room will have their grades realised on a 42" Dolby PRM4220 reference monitor offering unparalleled image quality in the region.


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Flix Audio is one of the company's major assets. With operators specialising in every aspect of the audio post-production service from initial sound design, Foley, VO and renowned ADR recording to mixing in surround sound. We are able to deliver in any format desired for our clients.

Our Mixers have years of experience with impressive CV's across many genres including Animation, Drama, Documentary, Children's, Entertainment and commercial projects.

We have 6 fully integrated and networked dubbing theatres with spacious VO booths across 3 sites in both the city centre's original media district and also in the heart of Media City UK in Salford. Our top of the range, 5.1 equipped theatres boasts the latest Pro Tools HDX systems with the Avid S6 Console and ICON 32 fader series desks.

We also have connectivity to other studios around the world via ISDN and Source Connect.


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Our four sites offer comfortable, spacious edit suits for offline and online edits.

  • Offline
  • Online


Flix Facilities offers 23 spacious offline edits across four sites, all equipped with Avid Media Composer V6.54. All the suites utilise Editshare or Isis storage system enabling media to be shared and accessed simultaneously supporting large scale multi-suite projects. We offer the ability to work with media natively enabling clients to edit their material at full HD resolution throughout the whole post production process and media can easily be shared across sites to guarantee maximum flexibility for productions.

In addition Flix provide DIT and Asssembly Edits at the bespoke studios at Space Project.


Flix have two routes for Online; the speedy Avid Symphony and the classic Avid DS Nitris, each providing the perfect environment for finishing a programme.

Flix uses Avid Symphony for its Online Edits and the finalising of programmes. In the world of finishing time is always of the essence, with the constant knowledge of impending deadlines, it is of the utmost importance to us that we have the most up-to-date, efficient and reliable kit in our arsenal. To compliment this, we sport Boris Continuum effects package, finding that Symphony can often provide a one stop shop for all the clients finishing needs. With ever increasing demands for fast turnaround and stringent deadlines, the Symphony platform allows us to manage seamless workflows between a multitude of departments with extremely efficient results, last minute changes can be swapped between grade and audio finishing with ease. This is further reiterated by its superb interconnectivity across sites, remote working and storage solutions. With the advent of AS11 and other file based delivery demands it is becoming even more important that we can rely on the kit we use and Avid Symphony continuously performs.

Compositing and Effects are at the heart of our offering when it comes to Online Finishing at any resolution. We have considerable experience (and a few awards) in all aspects of on screen graphics and effects, but it is in the field of model animation where we have made our name. Creating Effects, rig removal and scene compositing, as well as planning and directing shoots, we collaborate with our clients at production and pre production stage to bring their vision to the screen. Working closely with other departments like CGI and Grade and bringing all this together on the screen demands the best kit the industry can offer. Up to now that has been AVID's powerful and flexible DS Suite, but working at the high-end demands the latest tools the industry can offer and so we constantly evolve and update the kit we use.


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