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Creative Review: So Awkward, new CBBC comedy drama.

Brief: Post-production for new 13 x 30min CBBC comedy drama in which three super-bright but socially awkward 13-year-old girls try to make sense of life, boys and fitting in.

How it was done: Colourist Liam Shanagher graded the series on Da Vinci Resolve to create a naturalistic look allowing saturation and dynamic grading to heighten key moments of departure from the ‘real world’. Elements of foley and spots were created at the Broadway facility by Gemma Thorne and Dubbing mixer Lindsey Green created the dreamscape introduction to each episode using reverb, time compression and pitch shift. Final mix was completed on Pro Tools HD 10 on the Digidesign DCommand desk. Online editor Mark Stokes brought each episode together incorporating VFX from Flix’s in-house team adding bespoke effects builds and transitions using Avid Symphony.

Watch it Thursdays, 4.30pm, CBBC