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COVID-19 Update
Flix continue to operate across 4 facilities, 2 in Media City Salford, 1 in London and 1 on the Isle of Man. This offers our clients unique resilience as resources and assets can be stored, shared and accessed by production and editors across these sites. We can offer:
Remote Media Management Services

Ingest and playout is available via our dedicated team of assistants.

Connecting to our Avid Nexis storage and QNAP nearline, managed by our asset management system and LTO robotic library archive system.

We support and use:

  • Both native and proxy workflows, and have reversion and original commissions currently in production.
  • SoHo Net File Runner for accelerated and secure transfer of assets to and from clients.
  • Multiple Vidcheck servers across sites are used to process broadcast deliverables.
  • CineX tools to enable insert editing into master files, enabling fast turnaround for editorial changes.
  • AS-11, AS-10, Pro-Res, DnX, Proxy files, BWAV, EDL, and DCP formats.
  • Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier workflows
Remote Offline Editing

Editors can securely control Avid systems within our facility, with almost zero latency.

We also support editors working from home with Avid systems allowing editing to continue if internet services are down at the editor(s) location.

With both of these solutions full project sharing for editors and assistants is maintained, enabling full collaboration.

Remote Review and Approval

We offer production the ability to review rushes and the latest cuts of their projects.

We offer Media Silo, Forscene/Blackbird and Edit Share Flow products. Sessions can also be arranged to share remote Avid viewing, enabling editor and producer real time communication.

Remote Online Grade

Avid Symphony online with our experienced staff editors, allowing for real time collaboration with production.

Our experienced Staff Colourist will offer support and deliver your creative vision on our full Resolve Grade system, backed up with multiple systems for conform and rendering.

Animation and VFX

The animation studio and VFX facility at Flix are fully available for remote production of 2D and 3D animation projects, illustration, VFX and motion graphics.

3D Animation and VFX are created in Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya and Adobe creative cloud.

2D Animation and VFX are created in Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe creative cloud.

Remote Audio Facilities (MIX, VO & ADR)

We have 5 staff operators who can all work remotely. We can provide Prep, tracklay and full mixes.

We can offer remote voice over using Source Connect, Session link Pro and Skype, and can recommend which works best in our experience for your production and artists situation.

Project Management

Our experienced team of Post Producers will help you track your production from planning to delivery. We will ensure your production is to the highest standards, on time and meets your budget.

Isle of Man
22 Finch Road Douglas IM1 2PS Isle of Man
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