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Flix offer a unique service to international companies looking for reversioning, dubbing and localisation.

Reversioning is often required for programmes targeted for younger children in the UK, whereby a series that may exist in, for example, US English needs to be reversioned into UK accented English for potential sale to a UK broadcaster. Overseas producers who have created concept in their own language often require a dubbed English version for international pitches and sales. Some English producers may need a dub into a specific language should their end client require a localised version.

Flix brings its flexible approach and over 20 years of experience to the voicing aspect of projects. We can offer a full range of services from translation and/or adaptation of scripts through voice recording, creation of M and Es, stereo or 5.1 mixes and broadcast file mastering.

We have established long standing relationships with a range of local voicing agencies and theatre schools and can provide UK, Mid Atlantic and US English voices with experienced UK based talent. In foreign languages, we work with a developing network of international studios to provide in territory voicing.

All contractual aspects of any agreement are taken care of by Flix, providing you with chain of title for your concept, and licence requirements for younger performers are also handled as part of working with Flix.